Lifting Device Certification - Vale's Sudbury Operations

Central Engineering maintains the Lifting Device Serial Number Register and Lifting Device Files for all of Vale's Sudbury Operations. The links below include a flow chart of the certification process, certification procedures, templates and examples of some completed templates.

For all lifting device enquiries and for submittal of forms, send to




SPEC-18001 Lifting Devices - Requirements
  99-999-E-004206 Underground Monorail Supports - Details
  99-999-E-004285 Lifting Device/Monorail Details


NAV-TE-0150 (LD-1) Lifting Device Serial Number Request
NAV-TE-0151 (LD-3) Form No Longer used - LD Identification Tag Installation
E-148 Lifting Devices - (Cover Sheet)
E-149 Lifting Devices Design Check, Identification and Certification



LD-1 Completed Example
E-148 Completed Example


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